Gastric PH: Acidity & Gasogenous conditions

Gastric PH is a carefully chosen well balanced combination of highly effective and very reliable preparation where the gastric mucous membrane is inflamed due to excess acidity. It regulates the acid level, thus causing the complaints of hyperacidity to recede, such as burning sensations,pressure and pain in the stomach, gastric sensitivity to pressure, acid eructation and sour.

No side effects: 100% All natural resources. Safe-Effective-Non-Toxic, without chemical additives.

Indications: Hyperacidity, inflammatory gastric complaints.


Aloes socotrina is highly effective gastric remedy for severe flatulence after eating with pain,bloating, fullness, gushing watery diarrhoea and constipation with haemorrhoids.
Artemisia vulgaris helps in relieving nervous dyspepsia, colic and spasm.
Chamomilla is effective in flatulent colic with gripping pain and watery diarrhoea especially in teething children.
Ferula asafoetida is often used as remedy for digestive complaints such as cramps, colic, irritable bowel syndrome and also acts as a laxative.
Senna is known for its ability to stimulate digestive tract and popular for laxative and purgative effect so its plays significant role in case of constipation, as laxative effect so cleans the body.

Zingiber officinalis helps in relieving acidity, colic, flatulence, diarrhoea, extremely loose bowels and haemorrhoids.

Dosage & instructions for use: For adults 15-20 drops 3 times a day, in water or as directed by a physician.

Composition (100ml contains): Aloes socotrina Q 5ml; Artemisia vulgaris Q 5ml; Chamomilla Q 10ml; Asafoetida Q 20ml; Senna Q 40ml; Zingiber officinalis Q 20ml.

SIZE 30ml – ETOH content 40% v/v

(ETOH = is an acronym that stands for ethyl alcohol, commonly referred to ethanol)


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