Phytolacca Comp PH: Weight Loss

Phytolacca Comp PH is carefully chosen well-balanced combination of highly effective homoeopathic medicines which have their effective and complementary formulation for Obesity, Overweight, better circulation & cleanser.

No side effects: 100% All natural resources. Safe-effective-Non-toxic without chemical additives


Capsicum annuum is known substance for obesity especially in persons of relaxed fibre.
Coleus aromaticus has fat burning property so used widely in weight issues especially helps in getting rid of belly fat.
Fucus versicolor is homoeopathic to obesity.
Phytolacca regulates fat metabolism, reduces obesity and maintain weight without weakness.
Glycrrhizae glabra is known to help in reducing fat by balancing hormone production and stimulation.
Termenalia chebula helps in weight loss by cleaning out your body and improve  digestion with so many other health benefits.

Dosage and instruction for use: For adults 15-20 drops 3 times a day, in water or as directed by a physician.

Composition(100ml contains): Capsicum annuum Q 5ml; Coleus aromaticus Q 15 ml; Fucus vesiculosusQ 20 ml; Phytolacca Q 20ml; Glycrrhizae glabra Q 15ml; Termenelia Chebula Q 15ml.

SIZE 30ml – ETOH content 40% v/v

(ETOH = is an acronym that stands for ethyl alcohol, commonly referred to ethanol)


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