Vitamin D3: Super Supplement for Health

Vitamin D3 is carefully prepared health supplement which has many health benefits including normal bone health and normal immune system.

No side effects: 100% All natural resources. Safe-effective-Non-toxic without chemical additives

Role of vitamin D in your body
Vitamin D is absorbed in body through the skin or from certain food like fish liver oil or fortified food. Once absorbed it travels to liver where it has been converted in its active form which is actually hormone. This activated Vitamin D facilitates absorption of calcium and phosphorous into the body.

Vitamin D plays many important role in your body. Most important role is to keep bones healthy and strong. It helps your body absorb calcium which your body uses for bone growth and to maintain bone strength.

Vitamin D also helps cells to grow and play role in proper functioning of nerves, muscles and immune system. It reduces inflammation and thus prevents many chronic diseases.

It is also proving to be important for healthy cardiovascular system.

Following are common risk factors for vitamin D deficiency:
Being elderly, Having darker skin, Being Overweight or obese, Always using sun protection, Staying indoor, Not eating fish or milk, Less sun exposure

Signs and symptoms:Low immune system, Fatigue and tiredness, neuromuscular pain, Bone or back pain, depressed mood etc.

Dosage and instructions: Can be taken with a meal or mixed in Juice/Water or taken directly.

Adults: 5 Drops daily,
Children (on alternate days): 1 Drops Age 1 – 4 yrs, 2 Drops Age 5 – 9 yrs, 3 Drops Age 10 to 16 yrs.

OR as advised by a Healthcare Practitioner

N.B: Take for 10 – 12 weeks then discontinue for few weeks and review.

If necessary Dosage can be doubled in High Deficiencies for few weeks


SIZE 30ml


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