Alfalfa Tonic PH with Gingseng and Vitamin B12


Alfalfa Tonic PH is carefully chosen well-balanced combination of highly effective homoeopathic medicines which have their effective and complementary effect upon vitality disorders.
No side effects: 100% All natural resources. Safe-effective-Non-toxic without chemical additives
Indications: General weakness, Mental Fatigue, lack of appetite, convalescence.

Alfalfa is source of both mental and physical energy and thus helps to recover back the loss of body strength.
Avena sativa, wild oat which helps maintain vitality, endurance and stamina and, offers fortifying boost when feeling weak and also known as nerve driver.
Foeniculum vulgare stimulates productions of haemoglobin and other components of blood and thus restore the health.
Gingko biloba improves cognitive functions, memory and increases energy level.
Ginseng act as stimulants,regulates metabolism,increase energy an dalso stimulates brain cells thus improve thinking ability ,memory and concentration.
Hydrastis canadensis  improves appetite, digestion and also helps getting rid of extreme mental and emotional prostration.
Withania somnifera is used as an ‘adaptogen’ to help body cope up with daily stress and as a general tonic.
Zingiber improve appetite and digestion thus increase metabolism along with other health benefits.
Vitamin B12 requires for maintain energy level and normal brain health.

Dosage and instruction for use: For adults 15-20 drops 3 times a day, in water or as directed by a physician.

Composition (100ml contains): Alfalfa Q20 ml; Avena sativaQ 20ml; Foeniculum vulgare Q10ml; Gingko bilobaQ 10ml; Ginseng Q10ml; Hydrastis canadensis  Q10ml; Withania somniferaQ 10ml; Zingiber Q 10ml; Vita B12 100% RDA per serving.


SIZE 250ml – ETOH content 11% v/v  (ETOH = is an acronym that stands for ethyl alcohol, commonly referred to ethanol)


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