Rheuma PH: Arthritis & Rheumatism

Rheuma PH is a carefully chosen well balanced combination of highly effective homeopathic preparations which have their collective and complementary effect on disorders for Arthritis, rheumatism & muscular pains.  

No side effects: 100% All natural resources. Safe-Effective-Non-Toxic, without chemical additives.


Belladonna is well known pain killing effect for shooting pain along limbs, red, swollen painful joints and pain in nape of neck and lumbago.
Berberis vulgaris helps in significantly relieving rheumatic paralytic pain in limbs, backache with stiffness and numbness, lumbago, shifting pain especially in old gouty subjects with urinary disturbances.
Bryonia alba act upon all serous membranes so relieves pain in joints which are red, swollen hot and also cures stiffness in nape of neck and back with stitching tearing type of pain.
Curcuma longa commonly known as ‘turmeric’ is famous as having anti-inflammatory property so helps in reducing swelling, pain and redness of joints and muscles.
Gultheria procumbens helps in relieving cases of inflammatory rheumatism, sciatica, pleurodynia and neuralgias.
Hypericum is indicated in shooting, radiating pain in spinal irritation and also helps in any type of pain from nerve injury.
Piper nigrum help reduce joint and muscular pain.
Ruta graovolens is effective for backache with stiffness, pain in neck, contraction of fingers, ganglia, sciatica, pain in stiffness in wrist and hands and pain in bones of feet and ankles.
Rhododendron chry acts upon muscular and fibrous tissue so useful in arthritic and rheumatic complaints.
Rheuma officinalis is known for its efficacy in rheumatic and arthritic complaints.

Dosage & instructions for use: For adults 15-20 drops 3 times a day, in water or as directed by a physician.

Composition (100g contains): Belladonna Q 5ml; Berberis vulg Q 10ml; Bryonia Q 5ml; Curcuma longa Q 10ml; Gultheria procumbens Q 10ml; Hypericum  Q 10ml; Piper nigrum Q10ml; Ruta grav. Q 10ml; Rhododendron Q 10ml; Rheuma officinalis Q 20ml.

SIZE 30ml – ETOH content 40% v/v

(ETOH = is an acronym that stands for ethyl alcohol, commonly referred to ethanol)


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